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TP-Seinäjoki is a club concentrating strongly in its youth policy which has proved to be a rather decent one considering the size of the town and availabilty of talent.

The first team of the club plays currently in the 4th division. As it forfeited it's 2nd division status behalf od the newly formed Seinäjoen Jalkapallokerho after the 2007 season.

The club was established in 1955 and the original and official name is Törnävän Pallo -55. However, some time ago the board decided to start using TP-Seinäjoki to make claer were the club comes from.

For most of the early years TP-Seinäjoki played in regional leagues. It was not until 1996 that TP-Seinäjoki finally got promoted to the 2nd division. Then in 1989 it was another promotion, this time to 1st division. In 1993 club was relegated back to 2nd div, but after hiring Keith Armstrong (pictured with ex-TP-Seinäjoki player Janne Salli who later played for Barnsley) in late 1994 miracles started to happen.

In 1995 TP-Seinäjoki won their zone in 2nd division and returned to the 1st div. After just one year in 1st div TP-Seinäjoki won promotion to the Finnish Premier League by beating Hangö IK over two legs winning the first game in Hanko 5-2 and then the return leg at home 3-0.

Surviving the scare of direct relegation with a penalty in the 93rd minute against RoPS at Rovaniemi wasn't enough. TP-Seinäjoki was relegated after losing the first leg to PK-35 3-1 and then playing an eventful return leg at home which ended 4-4.

Next five years TP-Seinäjoki played in 1st division and then got relegated to 2nd division in 2002.

TP-Seinäjoki is famous for its youth policy. In 2006 club's U17s had a terrific season and finished runners up fot the Finnish Championship. During the season they even defetead the champs, HJK of Helsinki.

In 2006 TP-Seinäjoki also played with a rather young team. A grand total of 18 junior age players made appeareances in the first team's official games. That is probably some kind of a record. That also shows that talk is cheap and club lives up to it's reputation.

In 2008-2009 season the academy of TP-Seinäjoki won their group and continued to play well in post season defetaing 1st division club FC Hämeenlinna's academy.

Unfortunately the club works on a small budget compared to those of Finnish Premier League or 1st division and we have no resources to translate all the material on these pages in English even if we wished we did.

Here's a small "dictionary" to help surfing on this site even though the English content is more than limited.

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